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Thursday, December 30, 2010

BWMS in the CF Chronicle for Academy Awards & Fashion Show

You can click on this image and check out the Carolina Forest Chronicle's coverage of the BWMS students during the Academy Awards and the Hip Hop Fashion show and how they were able to vote with their cell phones.


You can also click on the link to check it out as a .PDF

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on their site.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Listed below are the films that my students created for art class.

These students studied silent films, as far as their impact on film history, and how they became obsolete with the advent of sound technology.

Each student picked one partner, and then they were paired up randomnly with another pair. The students divided up roles and responsabilities as far as director, producer, writer and cinematographer. All students practiced pantomine activities, as the actors were not able to use their voices, but had to act with their bodies and the exaggereated expressions on their faces.

The students only had one week to shoot their films, and they soon learned the difficulties of losing footage or not getting enough "coverage." At the end of each class, the students would dump all of their footage to; which is an online storage site that would store their raw data of film clips.

Students would then have to upload to the website of in order to edit their films, which required a lot of patience as they were frequently frustrated from slow internet connections and sometimes losing all of their work and having to start from scratch. But Jaycut also allowed them to insert the stylistic title cards, which were so prominent in silent films, but they were also able to add a few "special effects" too.

It is quite unfortunate that several students didn't complete their films, as some of them just couldn't work together and get passed basic team work issues. In the end, eight films were uploaded to You Tube and were then showcased to the entire school during the BWMS Academy Awards on December 17th, 2010.

At the end of the show, the entire school was allowed to vote for the best film by using their cell phones to text in their answers to the website of

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The winning student team received a $25 gift card to the local movie theater so that they could continue to learn about films and film making and hopefully pursue it more in the near future.






Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Animoto - Art made through apps

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A collection of images that I created using a variety of apps and hope to do it with the kids in two weeks

Winning BWMS student film

Congrats to these students for working together, solving problems and creating this piece of art. I also had a great time working on the film with them, so be on the lookout for my bad acting in the cameo