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Saturday, October 22, 2011

7th grade @Gimp collage of Perspective drawing student gallery #artsed #edtech #web2.0

7th graders at BWMS were introduced to the concepts of One Point Perspective and Surrealism. In the past, I normally allow the students to draw a room and then cut out images from magazines that would demonstrate the elements of Surrealism into their drawing.

This year, we scanned the original perspective drawings in, which you can FIND HERE by clicking the link to the students' original work. 


Students would then watch the various GIMP tutorials that I made up so that they knew how to download images, cut them out and insert them into their drawings in the form of a digital collage. Like you may have read in my previous posts, GIMP is an excelent program to edit photos and it is a free alternative to Photoshop.


Unfortunately, it would seem that the students still had a difficult time watching the tutorials and then creating their collage as a .JPG and post it on Edmodo - but I was really pleased to see the work that they posted here for you to see.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lions club peace poster contest student class work #artsed

Bwms art students had the distinguished pleasure to be the only students in the county to participate in in the contest
The challenge this year was to use their non-linguistic representational skills and create a poster that showed the theme "children know peace"
Afterwards, the students judged their peers to help pick the poster that best shows the theme for the class, and I then made a poll for students and faculty could vote when I posted it on my blog, edmodo and Facebook fan page. Check out some of the work below

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

6th graders make Butterfield Stick Sculptures student gallery #artsed #neolithic #handson

6th graders at Black Water Middle studied the work of Deborah Butterfield, well known Folk artist who makes horse sculptures out of found materials, scrap wood and metal. Students were also studying Hunters and Gatherers in Social Studies, so the art students focused on Cave paintings.

Students collaborated or individually came up with a design that resembled a horse as if they were neolithic people


Day 1 Students safely use tools to create two "A-frames" and then a spine to support their horse. The students had to cut their wood and make exact measurements




Day 2 - Carefully glue pieces together so that the horse is stable, students should also wrap up cutting of the wood



Last Day - Students glue pine straw to their work to resemble hair. Finally wrap tape around the horse's stomach with your name. Display completed work.