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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Refrigerator from Ruin 3: Movin' Out

Another Absurd Tale of Talking and Fighting Foods

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Snail Trail glides all around the heroic Lord Salisbury and Gallon Maximus. "Looks like I'm gonna have ta stick it to ya Salsy," standing behind the sick stick of butter is The Dairy Battalion, former comrades of Maximus who plan to get him back.

"And I can baste dem wit you," the quart sized carton of Milk called Stache holds Snail Trail like a rifle against Salsibury's frigid body.

"Then Eggxactomondo will stick himself inside all of my holes," the wedge of Swiss cheese called Wedge Tilles allows the egg carton of little individualized soldiers to hop out and burrow....

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Dog that Ate Poop

A Mischievous Little Puppy


"Must...type faster," I furiously look down at my computer screen at see that my quota of word length was much lower than it needed to be for a Saturday afternoon.

Suddenly, I am interrupted by a cold wet nose bumping into my forearm. I look around the side of my laptop's screen to see my dog, Bert, sitting on the floor with a stuffed toy dangling out of his mouth. Bert is the type of dog that always had something in his mouth or is always caught by my wife and I doing something that he isn't supposed to.

"I am sorry Bert, I can't play right now," I pause and then grab the sides of my stomach. "Mommy is going to be home in about an hour and I got to get this done," I give commands to our dog and I talk to him about my wife as if he would understand. But his head cocks to the side with a swaying toy in his mouth as he notices me grab my stomach in pain again.

"But first Bert, I gotta go to the bathroom,"


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Friday, April 22, 2011

Crackle-the Absolutely Free Alternative to Hulu and Netflix on Your PS3 — My review of the web site The site is very similar to Netflix and Hulu, in the fact that you can create a queue of your favorite movies and television shows, but it is absolutely free.


If you have never read any of my previous articles on streaming content in your home network to your television, than you should check those out along with this one. I am all about streaming Digital Copies of my video library, Netflix on my gaming consoles or Tversity on the Xbox, but just recently I discovered a new site to use on the PS3 that could accomplish similar tasks.

By accessing the web surfing screen on my PS3 the other day, I hovered the cursor on something called Crackle. By clicking on the site, it opened up thumbnail banners for numerous movies and television shows, most of which were owned by Sony.....



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The Refrigerator from Ruin: Dairy Battalion


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The great yellowish light filtered by a food splattered cover reflects off of the various soldiers and minions standing against the refrigerator door. The goons rise in salute for their vile and treacherous Admiral Hot Sauce, as he stirs from his slumber and is ready for action.


The Admiral swings backwards on the refrigerator door. His closest in arms, The Condiment Captains, clatter and bang against each other as the door swings open. The bottles and jars open their tiny concealed eyes and watch the massive hands of their human Master deposit new warriors for Admiral Hot Sauce's war over the domesticated appliance's dominance.......


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The Refrigerator from Ruin: Dairy Battalion @

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Refrigerator from Ruin

This is a pretty crazy story that I came up with when there are foods that fight in your fridge at night. Think about the classic and short lived toy franchise of Food Fighters meets Toy Story. thinking about making this a series actually....


In the deep pit of the fridge there lays an opened box of baking soda that has fermented the large white cooling device with its ancient evoking powers to conceal scents and extend life.

For ages, the human owners of this obese apparatus of appliances have unknowingly fueled a ferocious and demonic soul that preys upon the remains of animal flesh and toxic chemical byproducts......


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How to Share your homemade video game on Edmodo and a Gamestar Mechanic Prezi

This is a Jing tutorial that I made for my students so that they could learn on how to complete their game and then post the URL on our Edmodo site
Gamestar_Mechanic_Tutorial_-_Share_your_game_on_Edmodo.mp4 Watch on Posterous


Also, if there are any teachers out there that would like to do something fun, unique and engaging with your students - I would HIGHLY recommend you check out the site of  They offer up some great Teacher Resources as well. What I did was I went through the majority of their teacher resources and I have compiled the majority of the basic game design steps into a Prezi (which is like a PowerPoint on steroids.)  Below is a copy of my Prezi if you would like to use this in your classroom. (It is still a work in progress so be sure to check up frequently)





Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Create your own video game like this one on Game Star Mechanic

You can check out this game that I created below by using the awesome web 2.0 tool, Gamestar Mechanic. It isn't the greatest game in the world, but the fact that I could create one and post it on the internet to share is pretty amazing, and why I am looking forward to teaching this to my students next week.


What is great about Gamestar, is that it is well balanced between playing, learning and creating. The site ACTUALLY encourages its users to play the video games through their tutorials called "Quest." The Quest is a little story that has the look and feel of a Japanese Manga, but as you play the game, you begin to learn the basics of video game design and you unlock characters and items to include in your games.

In FACT, you can't even publish your game until you complete all five episodes. So, as a teacher, I feel that this is a great (and free) tool to use with my students. Some of the games may be a little simple and cheesy, and the kids may be a bit frustrated that they can't import/create their own characters, items, music or backgrounds, BUT it is an excellent way for your students to create something utilizing 21st century skills, heavily bound by STEM standards, read comics while they learn and share their work on the internet for the world to play.

And coming from a gamer's perspective, for someone who grew up with a Nintendo Enterntainment System in their home as a kid and has since gone through the several generations of video game consoles, I think is a great way to hook the students into their own interests. If you have a student that is interested on some day creating their own games, check this one out to just get used to the whole theory and practice behind game design, but if you really want to get crazy with video game programming, then I would recommend Scratch (which is a bit more complicated)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jay Cut Tutorials - How to upload clips, edit them and publish a final film for the internet

Listed below are a variety of tutorials that I created for my students using the Jing software. I enjoy using Jay Cut because it is an online program, which means that students can easily edit their clips from any computer that is connected to the internet but it unfortunately has an extremely slow loading time for each time that you have to re-render a clip.

Also, if you are interested about a more in-depth review for the program of Jaycut (which can be found at please check out my article on Associated Content right HERE

From Dropbox to JayCut

jay_cut_tutorial_upload_footage.mp4 Watch on Posterous

My basic tutorial for the students to upload their clips to Dropbox, download them from Dropbox, and then upload the clips to Jaycut.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

6th grade Glogs on Religion

I collaborated with the 6th grade Social Studies teachers so that our students would create a Glog (which is like a simple web site w/o knowing html code, or perhaps a digital form of a poster/display board) that showcased the beliefs and artworks of a religion, compared/contrasted it to another religion and that the students could feature their resources and basic design principles of a web site.  Listed below are some of the best and most viewed Glogs that those students created.