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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Dog that Ate Poop

A Mischievous Little Puppy


"Must...type faster," I furiously look down at my computer screen at see that my quota of word length was much lower than it needed to be for a Saturday afternoon.

Suddenly, I am interrupted by a cold wet nose bumping into my forearm. I look around the side of my laptop's screen to see my dog, Bert, sitting on the floor with a stuffed toy dangling out of his mouth. Bert is the type of dog that always had something in his mouth or is always caught by my wife and I doing something that he isn't supposed to.

"I am sorry Bert, I can't play right now," I pause and then grab the sides of my stomach. "Mommy is going to be home in about an hour and I got to get this done," I give commands to our dog and I talk to him about my wife as if he would understand. But his head cocks to the side with a swaying toy in his mouth as he notices me grab my stomach in pain again.

"But first Bert, I gotta go to the bathroom,"


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