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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Student made Anime on @redsoftware Animation creator #edapp #mlearning #artsed #lessonplan


My 6th grade students studied a unit on Japan so I figured they could collaborate to create a piece of Japanese inspired animation (Anime) by using @redsoftware 's app: Animation Creator

In the past, I have done Manga work with my students, where they study the art of that time period while they learn about it in their sixth grade Social Studies class.

I wanted my students to utilize the Animation Creator app before they left me for the year, as I had some great examples in the past when my students made Greek Myth animations

If you would like to do something along this line, or a lesson on Anime, you can check out this Prezi that is a halfway conversion from my original Powerpoint with some elements copied from Lori Ingham's Prezi 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

8th grade art career interviews #artsed #edchat #education

After my students completed their individual art career research (you can read more about it on a previous Posterous page HERE) I invited Mrs. Foxworth, our BWMS career specialist, to come to the art room and run some scenarios about doing a job interview.

PS - You can also download the Ebook of the students' work that shows off their knowledge of Art careers by going to the ePubBud site

After Mrs. Foxworth ran through what the students should do during a job interview and other guidelines, the students got to role play some scenarios as well. Check them out and try to figure out who is doing the "bad" job interview and who is doing the "good" job interview


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

If you are in @NAEA @engaginged @edutopia check this #lessonplan Art Olympics #artsed #gbl

My students get to play in a variety of kinestetic games on their last day of class with me. You can scroll through the pics and view the videos below.  I also have a PPT of my lesson plan at the bottom of the page if you would like to do it in your class

View some of these videos below and hopefully you can get an idea the type of excitement and engagement in the classroom Watch on Posterous Watch on Posterous Watch on Posterous Watch on Posterous Watch on Posterous Watch on Posterous Watch on Posterous Watch on Posterous

Finally, you can check out the lesson plan below: