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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Got a Top 1,000 Badge on Yahoo! Contributor Network -Top 5 articles of the year that did it

 Top 1000 badges are awarded annually to the contributors who received the highest number of page views during the year. This is the info that appeared on their website, I was totally flabbergasted with excitement when I saw the badge on my Yahoo Contributor Network profile this weekend.

Here are some of articles that got me there! Here are my top 5 articles of the year with the most hits (click on the Pinterest image to take you to the article)

Source: via James on Pinterest




Walt Disney's Impact on the World of Animation




Saturday, March 23, 2013

Care Bear Stare! a Review of the Animated Cartoon in the 80s my Yahoo! Contributor network article

BLECK! I know those fuzzy wuzzy Bears just turn your stomach - BUT according to my data, they truly were the king of cartoons in the 80s. Check out my Care Bears animated series review to find out why. Click on the Pinterest pic below for the review


"Black Water Middle School" App - BWMS Mobile - Updates, Games, Learning & More

Want updates for Black Water Middle School? Live a mobile life? Click here for the web app

Mr. Reeser and I created an app for Black Water Middle. It started off as something to inform the community about the school, but it continued to grow to include education and entertainment.

Source: via James on Pinterest

You can scan the above QR code or click on the Pinterest image and it will take you to the app. 

Save it to your mobile device's home screen and be a click away from updates

What you will get if you use the Black Water Middle App

  • Quickest way to get updates for Black Water Middle School
  • Contact a teacher
  • Calendar of upcoming events
  • Parents can check grades
  • Teachers can book a sub
  • Students can play games, view tutorials and more
  • Multimedia from sports, clubs, and major events

Help us continue to make the best Mobile App for School around by scanning this QR code and give us some feedback.



Wednesday, March 20, 2013

African American History Month Art : Digitally Edited African American Art

My students used a variety of photo editing apps in order to complete this assignment. For Black History Month, they each downloaded several photographs and had to edit each one with a different app. Click down on the bottom on the page for the lesson plan instructions

I was able to put them all together in this video which was shown on the local news as well. Check out this YouTube playlist for the whole project:

black_history_month_digital_art_instructions.pdf Download this file


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

6th graders Elements and Principles BookCreator works

You can get the full scoop on the lesson plan and project by visiting this post

Elements and Principles Books by BookCreator

Now check out the PDF files that my third block made:

Alex_Art_project_1.pdf Download this file
Cj_A_new_book.pdf Download this file
Emily's_book.pdf Download this file
Garrett.pdf Download this file
Henry_My_Art_Project.pdf Download this file
Peyton.pdf Download this file
Potter_Shapes_&_unity.pdf Download this file
Quan_What_i_like.pdf Download this file
Skyler's_Art.pdf Download this file
Tacoma_A_new_book.pdf Download this file
Tatianna_A_new_book.pdf Download this file

And now for the seventh block students: