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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bwms 8th grade made tutorials to weave plarn with plastic bags and student gallery #artsed #horry #crafts

8th grade bwms art students were challenged by weaving crafts using only recycled goods. Due to the fact there is an abundance of plastic bags in our refills, I heard of these great craft of using plarn, which is basically links of plastic bags woven together to make yarn that can be woven with.

The first time I saw this done, it was on a YouTube video uploaded by Make Magazine. This lady in the video demonstrates the possibilities what can be made by plarn, and also a brief insight into how much garbage is created by these bags

In the past, I used to do the plarn project on a coil basket, where the students would wrap the plarn around a coiled plastic bag. But when I attended a recent arts/crafts festival, one of the local artists was working on a loom and she told me how easy it was for elementary kids to make one on cardboard.  SO I was able to find this great resource on Craft Stylish: How to Weave on a Cardboard Loom.


And since I recently got my IPad2, I wanted to check out the photo/video sharing capabilities. I was able to record a few of the students to explain the project, and to  possibly use their videos as future tutorials for other classes.

Check out the student tutorials below to make your own plarn work: Watch on Posterous


Plarn bag demo 1:Little British boy demonstrates how to cut plastic bag

One of my bwms students leads a demo on how to take a plastic bag and cut it into loops prior to turning into plarn Watch on Posterous

Plarn bag demo 2: Little British boy opens bag strips to show loops

My bwms student shows how to take the strips and they open up as loops Watch on Posterous

Plarn bag demo 3: Turn your loops into a plarn chain

My bwms student shows you how to connect the cut out loops from the plastic bag and start 

linking them together into a plarn chain Watch on Posterous


Plarn bag demo 4: Wrap plarn around the cardboard loom



One of my bwms art students demonstrates how to take a plarn chain and wrap it around a pre- cut cardboard loom Watch on Posterous

Plarn bag 5 demo: complete loom and do the first weave

My bwms student demonstrates how to complete the wrapping on the cardboard loom and then start the weaving process with the remaining plarn Watch on Posterous

Plarn bag demo 6: more detailed weaving

My bwms student gives more detailed instruction on what to do after weaving your first row of plarn and to continue the process through your loom Watch on Posterous

Plarn bag demo 7: remove woven plarn square from loom

My bwms student shows off a completed woven plarn piece and how to remove it off of the cardboard loom Watch on Posterous

Plarn bag demo 8: complete the woven plarn square

My bwms student shows how to take the woven work off of the loom and tie the ends so the wont become undone. Our plan next is to take all of the squares and combine them into a much larger bag or possibly a hat









Thursday, November 17, 2011

More 7th grade work for bwms medieval fashion show

Students continue to work together but tape is running out fast and so is the ability for the students to solve problems in their groups