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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

7th grade student gallery of @BigHugeLabs Medieval Movie Posters #artsed #edtech #web20 #history

Since 7th grade BWMS art students are preparing their costumes for our Medieval themed newspaper fashion show, they should know a little something about Medieval artwork.

 To help bridge the connection between art history, social studies and costume design, students got to huge one of the various photo editing tools at Big Huge labs: Movie Poster maker

The site has great resources for teachers, such as creating accounts for your students so they don't need an email.


If students have access to Facebook, they can also import their pictures from there and create more works of art with the other Big Huge Lab sites.

Check out some of the other works of art that my students made below as they had to imagine themselves as a Medieval movie producer and incorporate a piece of art to attract people to see it.







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