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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Student made Anime on @redsoftware Animation creator #edapp #mlearning #artsed #lessonplan


My 6th grade students studied a unit on Japan so I figured they could collaborate to create a piece of Japanese inspired animation (Anime) by using @redsoftware 's app: Animation Creator

In the past, I have done Manga work with my students, where they study the art of that time period while they learn about it in their sixth grade Social Studies class.

I wanted my students to utilize the Animation Creator app before they left me for the year, as I had some great examples in the past when my students made Greek Myth animations

If you would like to do something along this line, or a lesson on Anime, you can check out this Prezi that is a halfway conversion from my original Powerpoint with some elements copied from Lori Ingham's Prezi 

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