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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Refrigerator from Ruin 3: Movin' Out

Another Absurd Tale of Talking and Fighting Foods

To see what you missed in the last Chapter of Refrigerator from Ruin: The Dairy Battalion, click here

Snail Trail glides all around the heroic Lord Salisbury and Gallon Maximus. "Looks like I'm gonna have ta stick it to ya Salsy," standing behind the sick stick of butter is The Dairy Battalion, former comrades of Maximus who plan to get him back.

"And I can baste dem wit you," the quart sized carton of Milk called Stache holds Snail Trail like a rifle against Salsibury's frigid body.

"Then Eggxactomondo will stick himself inside all of my holes," the wedge of Swiss cheese called Wedge Tilles allows the egg carton of little individualized soldiers to hop out and burrow....

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