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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Top Ten Body Count Moments from the Friday the 13th film series

I know I am a day late with this, but I was quite excited when I watched Friday the 13th Part VI last night and thought about this: If I had to make a top ten list of Jason Voorhees best kills amongst his one hundred plus victims, it would have to be something like this: (very special shout out to for the info and pics)

10) Jason Goes to Hell: Jason Goes to Hell – "Right down the middle baby!" Deborah is in a tent enjoying what Jason hates the most, “they were making love while he was drowning!” Jason stabs a barbed wire spike through the tent and rips this cowgirl in half.

9) Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter - "Where is the Cork screw?" just before his Back to the Future career, Crispin Glover played the lame but sweet Jimmy. After finally proving his manhood, he gets a cork screw in the hand and a cleaver in the head. Not only that, but Jason sets up Jimmy's body as a wall in front of the kitchen door, where he is nailed into the door frame by his hands.

8) Jason X - "Frozen Face Bash" Adrienne is some sort of cryogenic scientist who causes Jason to be awoken from his frozen slumber. He repays her by dipping her face into a cryo bath, which freezes her during mid scream, and he then smashes her skull into the counter creating a pile of flesh and skull flavored ice cubes. This also marks the last film where the legendary Kane Hodder plays Jason.


7) Friday the 13th: The Remake - "Not even safe under the Dock," Chelsea is the spoiled slutty girl of the film who goes out for some topless water skiing. She bumps her head by the boat, her boyfriend gets a shot in the forehead with an arrow and so she thinks she can find some sanctuary underneath the dock. Luckily, Jason knows where she is, so he jabs the machete through the dock, into the top of her head and pulls her up by it.

6) Freddy Vs. Jason - "Fold-o-matic," Trey is a jerk in this film who bosses his girlfriend around to get him beer and brush her teeth. He lays in bed, gets stabbed repeatedly and furiously with a machete in the back, and then, to add insult to injury, Jason folds him up.

5) Friday the 13th Part III - "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid," Vera is going for a calm stroll near the lake. All she wants to do is get Shelly's wallet which is floating in the water. She picks it up and sees "Shelly" wearing a hockey mask and handling a harpoon gun. She asks him to quit playing around, but it is too late before she gets a harpoon in the eye. Not only did this look cool when it was shown in 3-D in the theaters, but it also marks a historical moment for it is the first time we see Jason wearing his infamous hockey mask.

4) Friday the 13th Part II - "Handi-killed," Mark is a nice guy who likes play early 80's sports video games ever since he ended up in a wheelchair. Before he can prove that he isn't entirely worthless, Jason throws a machete into his head which causes Mark to roll outside, around the bend and backwards down a long flight of stairs in his wheelchair.

3) Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan - "I'll knock your block off!" Julius is an amateur boxer and probably one of the strongest African American characters in the series. Unfortunately, his acting pressence isn't strong enough to withstand a single upper cut from Jason which causes Julius' decapitation quicker than you can scream TOASTY! After becoming decapitated, Julius' head rolls off of the roof top, down some steps, into the lid of the dumpster and into the trash where the lid closes shut.

2) Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives - "Fold-o-Cop," Sheriff Garris has some of the greatest lines in this film and is a constant bully to the town-wacko Tommy Jarvis, but he is also overly protective about his daughter Megan who has a crush on Tommy. BUT speaking of crushes, Jason puts one over on him where the Sheriff takes a heroic stance with a shotgun against the recently arisen "zombie" Jason. Jason approaches him, grabs him by the head and folds him over backwards so that the back of his head touches his butt.

1) Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood - "Sleeping bag Death," oh c'mon- LIKE I WASN'T GOING TO LIST THIS ONE! Honestly, next to Transformers alumni Susan Blu's acting in this film, this death is really the only redeeming factor for me. IN FACT, fans love it so much, that there was even a parody/homage to it in Jason X SO it goes in Part VII, some teens are a little frisky outside, this girl Judy sees that Jason is coming, so she hides herself in a sleeping bag (bad idea). Jason drags her away while she is kicking, screaming and whining until he bashes her against a tree. On a side note, the Friday the 13th collector's set features some bonus material from the films, such as a long extended cut of Jason repeatedly bashing this dummy against the tree until legendary stuntman Kane Hodder has no more energy.

SO there you have it folks. Lemme know what you think and tell me your top ten or your favorite body count in the Jason films.

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