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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

8th grade BWMS student #gallery of Sweet Potato #Sculptures #artsed #craft #handson #horry

First off, trying to get these pics off of my Iphone was very time consuming, so there were a lot not featured here - but you can see more on the class Facebook site: Mr G's BWMS Art Class

I heard that students could practice carving by using a sweet potato and an x-acto knife. Well, we had several accidents when the project started so I had to switch gears.

My students never brought in logs for me to use, so we ended up using the hammers and chisels from that project on our sweet potatos.

I was surprised with what the students came up with, but I wish they could have used a bit more creativity on it, instead of basically turning them into Jack-O-Lanterns.  I think next year, they will have to make them into the heads of animals - something they can clearly understand as three dimensional.


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