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Saturday, December 8, 2012

7th grade Toontastic Memoirs iBook

By playing around with the iBooks author app and Bookry authoring web site I have been able to take the memoir writing that my 7th graders did using the Pages app along with the works of animation they made in Toontastic into an iBook

7_1_media_arts_memoirs.pdf Download this file

I am still tinkering around with the iBooks format but it would seem that the files can be found on the Bookry site to be downloaded as PDFs or in the iBook format

My first work is pretty much just text pasted from PDFs into an iBook based on 7-1 (2nd block's) writing

bwms-media-arts-toontastic-memoirs.pdf Download this file

My second work is much better as I got to know the authoring program along with inserting Widget templates of Toontastic cartoons, pictures, feedback and more


or you can view the PDF below (nothing really interactive though)

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