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Monday, July 30, 2012

How to complete a Transformers Comic book collection

YES! At long last my collection is now complete. It has taken me nearly twenty-five years to do so but I did it: Collected the entire 80 issue run of Marvel Comics Transformers, the nine volume set of Marvel U.K. Transformers, not to mention the mini series (Universe, Headmasters, G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers and Transformers the Movie), but also the appearances of TF in G.I. Joe and the twelve issue run of Marvel Comics' Transformers Generation 2


Read all about it in my latest Yahoo Voices article: Collecting Transformers Marvel Comics

And to think, it all started off from a childhood obsession with #12


#12 holds a special spot in my heart. I must have gotten it as a gift when I was five years old. No doubt one of my oldest personal comics and what drew me into the series for years to come 
Oh man, check me out at my Prom Night waiting to pick up our dates with my friend Mike. If you look in the background, my walls were covered with Transformers comics and I had gaps where there were missing issues.
 I've actually read the first twenty issues of the series at one point or another in my life. It is nice to see the storylines differed so much from the animated series, which was one of my favorite shows of all time

Need a break? Watch the YouTube version of it instead - Transformers Comic Book Review 


20-40 were primarily written by Bob Budiansky, who does an interview on one of the newest Transformers animated series dvd sets. Luckily, I got the majority of these from a comic shop in Highland,NY 5/$1 
I've also had a hard time finding most of the issues in the 40=60 range. Luckily, my parents have found me huge bundles of them as Xmas gifts over the years 
These are the final twenty issues of the Marvel run of Transformers. They were some of the HARDEST and rarest books I've had to scrounge to complete my set. Simon Furman continued to write the UK weekly series along with taken over the end of the US Transformers line. 
These are rare as I guess most people didn't buy them when they were initially published in the early 90's. I've seen the final issue go for about 350$ on Ebay 

Marvel U.K. Transformers
 Titan books collected the UK weekly issues of Transformers into these nine books. Great stories that really expanded the TF universe and which helped get Simon Furman into the comics door.
Marvel Transformers Mini-Series

  • The Headmasters was a mini-series to give the new toyline a boost. Also to note, Headmasters was the end of the animated series but only half way through the comics' run
  • Marvel also adapted the classic cult film: Transformers the Movie into a three part mini series
  • TF Universe was a mini-series that was more like a guide of who's who of TF characters

  • Gi Joe vs the Transformers was a great crossover between both Hasbro franchises. What better way to sell a kid than seeing Bumblebee blown to bits in the first issue

Generation 2 and Beyond
I remember walking around in a mall one day as a young teen and I freaked out when I saw Megatron and Cobra Commander on a cover together. GI Joe once again helped out their Hasbro brother by kicking off the storyline prior to Generation 2 got its own book 

Transformers Generation 2 unfortunately only lasted for twelve issues. I actually subscribed to the book via Marvel, and they apologized that my early subscription went to a cancelled book. SO luckily, I had it transferred to GI Joe, which was also cancelled shortly thereafter

Blackthorne Publishing made a few books: How to Draw Transformers and Transformers 3D. The books were printed in red/green so you needed the glasses to actually read them. My Blackthorne isn't TRULY complete as I am still in need of How to draw 5 and 6 and Transformers 3D #3. Anyone wanna help?

This was a variety of other books I wanted to throw in. A few odds and ends of other books published by Marvel, along with "Choose your Adventure"

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