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Friday, May 6, 2011

BWMS Art class field trip to Burroughs and Chapin Art Museum & MB State Park



67 Black Water Middle School sixth, seventh and eighth grade art students and ten chaperones visited the Burroughs and Chapin art museum where they were divided into three groups. 

One group studied with me on the grass outside the museum where they could create a sketch of the ocean or they created works inspired by Fok Art. Another group received a guided tour of the museum, which was for the majority of the students, a first time experience. Finally, a third group got to create portraits upstairs.

After all of the groups rotated, we visited the Myrtle Beach State Park for a picnic and then a sand sculpture competition, where the students would work in groups to create works inspired by Folk Art from their tour.

You can download pics from the field trip if you'd like, I tried to put some work of the students but not sure if Posterous could support them all. Also check out the Picasa made movie below with music from Free Play Music.


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