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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My top 9 E-learning & Distance Learning articles


Build the Lens with Keywords to promote content

After learning about web "lenses" I have been trying to connect all of my writing together in order to reach my largest audience possible. I got to search for hot keywords using the Google Keyword Tool to find out what were the current keywords that I could develop my writing together and help create backlinks. I then got to go to the site, Squidoo, where I could compile links of my best stuff from my Associated Content page into a searchable list. Squidoo is really easy to use, it is kind of like a web page creator and blogging platform. 


You can check out the first page that I made on Elearning through Squidoo by clicking on the hyperlink. Very special thanks goes out to Kerry Thomas, the Article Genius, and you can check out his site by clicking on his hyperlink.

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