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Monday, June 22, 2009

25 randomn things about me

1) Growing up, it was hard being the Polish kid in a predominate Italian town. It was sometimes embarassing to be constantly told you are an idiot due to a stereotype - but now I've learned to become proud of my heritage

2) I have a fear of Sharks but a love for the film JAWS. I can sometimes be in the shower with my eyes shut and think of Jaws and I have to open my eyes at the very second or a I freak out. In fact, this can happen in nearly any body of water with my eyes shut.

3) I have six wonderful siblings who I love very much

4) I used to be an independent film maker but gave it up to become a teacher

5) I used to a do A LOT of writing and really enjoyed. I currently have about 4-5 screenplays in my parents attic that will probably never see the light of day

6) Growing up, my heroes were Hulk Hogan, Pee Wee Herman, Batman and my Dad (in no particular order)

7) I got a tattoo on my shoulder of a flaming skull with a snake tongue and blood dripping from it's mouth because an ex-girlfriend thought I was crazy for enjoying House of a 1,000 corpses

8) I love comic books - sometimes I wish I wasn't teaching but writing stories about Batman and such

9) I'm very connected to my childhood, especially how proud I am of my massive collection of action figures and other nostalgia

10) In Catholic school, I was teased about my man boobs and forced to do the truffle shuffle

11) the reason I am a teacher is because I missed my family when I first started doing this in NY. Now, working with young people reminds me of being around my siblings

12) My fiancee tells me that I like to overdue things - I'm currently over doing the gym and categorizing my toys

13) I have been to premiere days to every Star Wars film that has come out, beginning with the re-release fo the Special Editions. But, it was only Episode III that I saw at midnight

14) I have mixed views on religion some times. Some times I wonder if it is all a fake story that we were told as kids to be good or someone was going to punish you. Some times I wonder how ancient civilizations worshipped their Gods, now we view them as funny mythology and fables. But one of the things that worries me is if/when I raise kids - what religious philosophies will they get?

15) I went through a lot of career hopes through out high school. At one point I was hardcore set on becoming a professional wrestler. Even went searching for a wrestling school in Atlanta

16) I love dressing up for Halloween - just something about being someday else for just one night.

17) I believe in ghosts and life on other worlds - and before I die I'd love to see an astronaut reach Mars (and hopefully open up a resort just like in Total Recall) !

18) Another one of my biggest fears is when robots have a revolution and take over humanity

19) Another Apocalyptic fear is the Mad Max one where we run out of energy and turn on one another

20) I'm full of a willingful suspension of disbelief. I really like to think that super heroes are out there - and that I would love to be one someday

21) If I had to be re-incarnated, I'd be a squirrel

22) I once watched the entire star wars saga in one day

23) I once beat Nintendo's Legend of Zelda standing up

24) I'm a huge fan of heavy metal, although I don't look like ti any more

25) I'd love to grow a moustache, but my fiancee refuses to kiss me lol

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