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Monday, June 22, 2009

Action figure listing: GI Joe: A Real American Hero

Joes Cobra
82 – Snakeyes (missing a black Uzi submachine gun and a black pack of explosives.) figure also is missing his right hand and the fingers have been ground off of the left hand)

1983 – Cobra Soldier (missing a black Dragunov’s sniper rifle.) figure has legs glued into waist Left leg is broken near hip – needs to be reglued or hip joint repaired.)

82/83 – Steeler v1.5 driver of MOBAT tank (has helmet but missing a black Uzi submachine gun, and a black binocular/visor.)

1984 – Scrap Iron has red recolored RAR pistol and dark blue recolored remote control activator (missing a black RAR pistol, a five piece missile system, a black remote control “activator”, and two red missiles. Of the five piece missile system, two pieces snapped together to form the body of the missile system, while the other three pieces formed the legs and base of the system. )

1984 – Spirit has red/green belt but using a light tan recolored backpack from the accessory pack # 2(missing a light green auto-arrow rifle, light green backpack, and a brown and white eagle named "Freedom".

1984 – Zartan driver of Chameleon swamp skier with black backpack and figure is using a green recolored pistol from the battle gear accessory pack 3 (missing a black pistol, a chest piece, two thigh pads, and a mask.

1984 – Mutt using a grey helmet recolor from Accessory pack 3 (appendages are loose) missing a black helmet, black Ingram Mac-11 submachine gun with silencer, black night stick, black leash, black facemask, and black dog "Junkyard".

1984 – Storm Shadow (figure is aged and yellow more than white) has backpack, two black swords and a silver sword and bow) but missing black nunchucks and true black sword)

1985 – Alpine , and a tan backpack. (missing a black sub-machine gun, a black pick axe, a black grappling-hook rifle, a black grappling hook attached to a weight by a string) figure has had legs glued together)

1984 – Wild Weasel pilot of Cobra Rattler (has no accessories)

1984 – Firefly using red sub machine gun and walkie talkie from battle gear accessory pack 3(missing all accessories - a light green submachine gun, a light green walkie-talkie, a gray backpack, and a gray backpack cover.

1986 – Sci Fi with black laser rifle and black hose (missing a green backpack)

1985 – Snow Serpent with AK-47 and , a gray missile which attached to the side of the backpack, and a stand for the missile (missing, a blue pack that went around its waist, two white snow shoes, a large white backpack.) figure has legs glued into hips and waist glued into torso)

1986 – General Hawk version 2 w/ green helmet (missing a black handgun, and a green backpack.) figure has broken rubber band

1985 – Snow Serpent (no accessories, broken in half and missing right arm)

1986 – Wet Suit w/ one black flipper (missing an orange sled, orange backpack, orange flashlight, a black mouthpiece, and one black flipper.)

1985 – Cobra Eel w/ two black flippers, a black air-mask (missing a black harpoon gun, , a black backpack, and a black jetpack that attached to the backpack.)


1985 – Crimson Guard with a black bayonet rifle has dark blue cobra elite backpack from battle gear accessory 4, (missing a red backpack.)

1985 – Torch (complete w/ backpack and torch)

1985 – Tele Viper (a black scanner, a black packpack, and a black hose that attached the scanner to the backpack.)

1986 – Sgt. Slaughter version 2 (missing brown baton)

1986- Zandar with a a black rifle (missing and a blue backpack.) figure is broken in half and needs to be glued back together)

1986 – Roadblock version 2 (missing a silver machine gun and a silver tripod.) figure has waist glued to torso and legs are glued to waist)

1986 – Thrasher driver of Drednok Thundermachine (missing black lacrosse stick)

1986 – Low-Light with a black backpack. (missing a black sniper’s rifle, a black bipod, black uzi, and). Figure has green paint glue on face)

1986 – Strato Viper pilot of Cobra Night Raven (has no accessories)

1987 – Chuckles (has belt (but broken at very bottom of holster and hand gun) figure is broken in half and needs to be heavily repaired. Rusted screw prevents putting them back

1986 – Strato Viper pilot of Cobra Night Raven (has no accessories)

1987 – Maverick, member of Battleforce 6000 (missing a blue helmet and a silver gun) figure has had left leg glued into hip)

1986 – Motor Viper driver of Cobra STUN (no accessories and figure has left leg glued to waist)

1986 – B.A.T (complete) with a silver hand, a silver claw, a silver gun, a silver flamethrower, and a black backpack that could hold three of the attachments. Figure has sticker on chest missing)

1987 – Fast Draw (has red visor shield but missing 2 white hand controls, 2 white missiles, a green backpack, a face shield, a blue mouthpiece, and two black hoses that attached the controls to the backpack.
The same black hoses were available with many other figures.

1987 – W.O.R.M.S the exclusive Cobra Maggot driver (includes helmet but missing antenna)

1987 – Blaster, member of Battleforce 6000 (missing green face plate and a silver gun)

1987 – Crystal Ball (missing hypno shield)

1987 – Outback (figure has been Frankensteined from rip cord) missing a black Hekler & Koch rifle, a tan web belt, a green flashlight, and a tan survival backpack.

1987 – Zanzibar driver of Dreadnok Air Skiff) missing a black handgun, a brown hammer, and a brown spear. Figure has legs glued into waist

1987 – Law (missing a white helmet, a black leash, a black uzi, a black nightstick, and a brown dog, “Order”.) figure has had legs glued into hips)

1987 – Cobra Commander in Battle Armor –version 3 (missing a pistol, a backpack, and a mouthpiece.)

1987 – Psyche Out has silver backpack (missing a black handgun, a silver antenna that attached to the back of his head, a silver handheld box with a red radar dish, and two silver wristpieces that also head red radar dishes.)

1987 – Cobra Commander in Battle Armor – version 3 but Frankensteined with Xamot’s head (missing a pistol, a backpack, and a mouthpiece.)

1987 – Jinx has one silver sword and a black backpack (that could hold both swords (missing a silver naginata, one silver swords).

1987 – Raptor (missing a brown falcon, and head piece)

1988 – Iron Grenadier (2) one of them has a red pistol but missing a black submachine gun, and a gold sword.
1987 – Tunnel Rat (missing a black rifle, a dark green backpack, a dark green bag, and two dark green flashlights.)

1989 – Frag Viper (missing a black submachine gun, a black backpack, a black grenade throwing tool, a black hose, a black tube, and three black grenades.) figure has piece of crotch broken off)

1987 – Backstop driver of Persuader (missing helmet and silver pistol)

1989 – T.A.R.G.A.T includes grey jet pack but (missing a a blue face shield, a grey pistol, a gold handgun and a black hose)

1987 – Mercer (missing a light gray rifle and a black backpack.)

1989 – H.E.A.T Viper (missing gray bazooka, a gray backpack, six gray bazooka shells, a gray tube, and a black hose.).

1988 – Spearhead with an orange backpack, (missing a large white rifle, a white machete, a yellow helmet, and his brown bobcat “Max”.) figure has been glued around waist, hips and head)

1991 – Incinerator with a silver flamethrower and a black backpack,, (missing a silver catapult, a rubberband, two bright orange plastic “flames”, and a black hose (that attached the flamethrower and backpack).
The rubberband wrapped around the arm of the catapult, so that it could really launch the two orange “flames”.

1988 – Hardball (missing grey grenade launcher and green backpack) figure has had legs glued together)

1992 – Slice (missing a wide black knife, a thick black sword, and a black figure stand.)

1988 – Sgt Slaughter version 3 driver of Warthog (missing green drill instructor hat)

1992 – Toxo Zombie and a black figure stand (missing a green water cannon (with a removable black plunger).

1988 – Hit & Run (missing a black assault rifle, a green knife, a two piece black duffel bag, and a black grappling hook connected by black string to a black crank.)

1993 – Night Creeper version 2 (missing a light blue bow, two light blue swords, a light blue sickle, two light blue dueling knives, and a light blue figure stand.)

1989 – Sgt Slaughter version 4 (missing brown baton)

1993 – Banzai has one longer pink sword that is slightly curved and a pink wide knife (missing one pink sword, two pink dueling knives, a pink sickle, a pink axe, and a pink figure stand.)

1989 – Sgt Slaughter version 4 (missing brown baton)

2002 – Cobra Commander version 13 (has backpack and silver pistol, silver harpoon rifle, but needs a gold Sound Attack snake staff.)

1989 – Countdown w/ blue and silver helmet (missing a silver gun, a silver backpack, a silver grappling hook and silver weight attached by black string)

2007 – Cobra Commander version 24 (complete w/ removable helmet, gun and stand)

1989 – Snake Eyes version 3 (missing a gray sub-machine gun, a black backpack, a gray sword, a set of three-piece nunchuks, and a gray blow gun.)

1990 – Freefall with a green helmet (missing a dark gray rifle, , a black airmask, a dark gray backpack, and a hose to attach the mask to the backpack.)

1990 – Salvo with a brown missile launcher/backpack (missing a brown helmet, , five brown missiles, a brown mine layer, five brown land mines, and a black case.)

1991 – Red Star (has blue hat, brown back pack with black antenna and knife and missle launcher, a black double-barrelled hand cannon (the two barrels were easily removable), a black ammo belt (that attached the hand cannon to the backpack) but missing a black assault rifle, , and a red missile. Figure has burnt left hand and a burn mark on inside of left thigh)

1992 – General Flagg (missing black rifle, a black missile, a black figure stand, a four piece catapult - a green base, the green arm, a rubber band, and a black lever.) figure is covered with melted wax)

1992 – Duke version three – (missing a brown submachine gun, a brown knife, a tan helmet, a tan cannon (spring loaded, that actually fired), a brown cannon tripod, a red missile, and a black figure stand.)

1992 – Big Bear (missing a black rifle, a black backpack, a black missile launcher (spring loaded, that
really fired), two yellow missiles, and a black figure stand.)

1992 – Mutt version 3 has a a net made up of two black launching poles and two black weights, Mutt's trusty black dog "Junkyard" , black hand gun and a black figure stand (missing a blue Electronic Battle Flash net launcher (spring loaded, that actually fired),.) figure also has wax dripped on it

1992 – Barricade, has red/gold helmet, a dark blue missile launcher (spring loaded, that really fired), and a yellow "battering ram" missile, and a black figure stand ) but missing a dark blue submachine gun, a dark blue backpack (that the missile launcher could connect to)

1998 – Action Marine keychain (no accessories) broken rubber band)

1998 – Action Soldier covered in paint

1998 – Action Sailor (repainted to resemble Cobra)

Roughly 75 G.I. Joe and Cobra action figures

Accessory Pack #1 (communications back pack (2), binoculars, M-11 Submachine Gun, XK-1 Power Crossbow, ammo backpack, laser backpack, Communications Headset, brown helmet (variant of original Joe’s) (2), light tan figure stands (3), clear visor used on original Joes

Accessory Pack #2 (brown mine detector back pack missing the three mines, brown mine detector backpack w/three mines, green helmet (2), Cobra Commander (83) dark blue Laser Pistol (2), bazooka, marine jungle backpack, Helicopter Assault Trooper Backpack, Cobra’s dark blue Dragunov (SVD) Sniper Rifle (2), Cobra officer’s dark blue AK-47 Attack Rifle, Destro’s dark blue High Density Laser Gun

Accessory Pack # 3 (tracker backpack, helmet, Heavy Machine Gunner Backpack and Ammo Box (3), Flamethrower backpack (2), High-Density Laser Rifle (3), Sub-Machine Gun (4), visor (3), harpoon rifle (3), flame thrower, rifle, pistol, monocular, binocular, red walkie talkie, green figure stand (4) Ingram Mac-11, mutt’s grey helmer, blowtorch’s grey helmet (2), rip cord’s grey helmet, duke’s grey helmet (4), Scrap iron’s red gun (2)

Accessory Pack # 4 (Armed Attache Case (2), red cobra backpack w/cobra emblem (2), rocket ammo backpack, light blue rocket launcher (3), laser pistol, high density white laser gun, Cobra elite backpack, Cobra’s light blue Dragunov (SVD) Sniper Rifle (2), Scrap Iron’s dark blue launcher for missile system

Accessory Pack #5 (brown back pack, Cobra infantry rifle, Backpack w/ Mine Clearing Line Charge (2), grey backpack (3)), emergency communications backpack, brown figure stand (7)), (handgun (could also double as LifeLine’s gun) (2)

82 / 83 light green helmet w/holes on side (for nearly any first year Joe)
Airborne / Duke’s backpack of 1983 (2)
Airtight’s backpack (2) and his gun (2) and one hose still attached to gun
Barbeque (85) backpack
Baroness’ (84) backpack
B.A.T.S. backpack (2)
Bazooka’s backpack, helmet (2)
Breaker (82) backpack (2)
1992’s Bulletproff see thru spring loaded green missle launcher
Charboil’s backpack
Crazyleg’s parachute backpack
Croc Master’s belt
Cobra Officer’s AK-47 Attack Rifle
Cobra Laser Viper / Neo Viper version’s 1 and 2’s black laser rifle
Cyber Viper’s dark grey figure stand
93 Destro / Cobra Commander’s grey figure stand (2)
1986’s Dialtone’s backpack (missing small side antenna)
Dr. Mindbender’s generator and stun rod
Duke (83) M-11 Submachine Gun
Duke (v4) /Gung-Ho (v5) /Clutch (v3)/Ozone (v2) /Ozone (v3)/Stalker (v5)- black rifle
Dusty’s backpack
Falcon’s backpack (missing green antenna that fits into top) and black rifle
Flash (1982) laser backpack
Flint (85) backpack
Footloose backpack
Gnawgahyde’s BOW and arror backpack
Guile from Street Fighter’s missle launcher w/attached string and grappling hook
Hawk’s helmet
Lady Jaye (85) backpack and power javelin
Leatherneck’s M-203 Attack Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher
Lowlight’s backpack
Mainframe’s computer briefcase and backpack
Monkeywrench’s harpoon gun
Night force Outback’s belt which is ripped in half
Quickkick’s backpack
Ripcord’s facemask (2)
Ripper’s backpack with hose
1984 Roadblock’s tripod for turret and his backpack (2) both missing bottom piece
Rock N Roll (version 2) grey backpack, gatling gun hand cannon
Sludge Viper / Toxo Viper (v2) purple backpack
Snake eyes version 2 sword
Snowstorm / Bushido’s white figure stand (2)
Storm Shadow 84 – bow and backpack with one sword in holster
Storm Shadow 88 – red backpack w/ sword attached
Torch’s backpack w/hose and torch rifle
Torpedo’s swim fin (just 1)
Tripwire’s mine detector
Tripwire version 2 (Listen N Fun) grey landmine backpack w/three mines
Viper backpack
Viper (86) backpack (2)
Zaranna’s backpack

Vehicles for Joe Vehicles for Cobra
1982 – JUMP Jet Pack propulsion unit, has command console but (missing lauch pad, four posts, laser blaster holster w/hose and laser)

1982 - MMS [Mobile Missile System] (missing support stand, three Patriot missiles, and missing Hawk figure)

1982 - HAL [Heavy Artillery Laser] which is typically packaged w/ VAMP (missing dk brown computer, and Grand Slam figure)

1982 - VAMP [Multi-Purpose Attack Vehicle] (missing green machine gun base, black machine gun, green steering wheel, two green gas cans and Clutch figure) vehicle has black writing on the hood for $100

1982 - MOBAT [Motorized Battle Tank] (missing battery cover, small green turret and includes Steeler figure) tank has been spray painted silver and one of the wheels has been broken off but remains complete. ALSO no longer moves on batteries

1983 – PAC/RAT Missile Launcher [Programmed Attack Computer/ Rapid All Terrain] (missing four red missles, four dk grey missle bottoms and remote control)

1983 – PAC/RAT Flame Thrower [Programmed Attack Computer/ Rapid All Terrain] (missing flamethrower, shields, hose, and bottom of treads)

1983 – APC (Amphibious personal carrier) (missing windshield, steering wheel, two seat belts, camouflaged canopy and turret)

1983 – Skystriker XP-14F Combat Jet (missing two black seats, one dark grey engine, front landing gear cover plate, two white tail fins, two dark grey forward missles, two dark grey outbound missles, one inboard missile, parachute and Ace figure)

1983 - Polar Battle Bear Skimobile (missing gun slide, two guns, roll bar, two rampage rockets, engine unit (which allows skis to connect to main body)

1983 – Wolverine Armored Missile Vehicle (missing green missle rack, twelve eight white missles, tow cable and Cover Girl action figure)

1983 – FANG [Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter] (missing red roll bar, skid, four red missles, one grey bomb, two dk grey rotor blades)

1983 - Wolverine Armored Missile Vehicle (, connecting pieces on left track are snapped off and can’t attach, missing two missiles, tow cable and Cover Girl action figure

1983 – G.I. Joe Command Center H.Q. (missing Left Front Motorpool Side Wall, Right Front Supply Depot Side Wall (silver), Right Center Supply Depot Side Wall (silver), M-3544-1-1:Headquarters (silver), one dark chair, whole stockade, laser cannon, laser cannon shield, laser cannon post, engine cover, machine gun, search light, surveillance camera, flag, antenna, radar dish, two storage trays and storage lid.

1984 – Sky Hawk (missing two side panels, tail fin, and two dark grey rockets)

1984 – Stinger (missing steering wheel, handrail, refuel tanker, rambar, “the enemy” white driver, and four red missles.)

1984 – VAMP MARK II (missing steering wheel, launcher bottom/top, missile launcher support, 4 dark grey missiles, left water can, and figure Clutch)

1984 - Stinger (just the main chassis and four wheels)

1984 – S.H.A.R.C (missing stryofoam blocks and chunks, two engine intakes, right cannon door, one rudder, clear canopy, two full black torpedoes and Deep Six figure)

1984- ASP [Assault System Pod] (missing one blue shield, one front stabilizer (snapped off)

1984 – ASP [Assault System Pod] (missing two shields, four knuckles,

1984 – Killer WHALE (Hovercraft) (missing three black wheels, left side window, windscreen, cockpit windshield, cockpit door (broken at the corners where it latches) , two propellors, two propeller shrouds, four vertical vanes, two link bars, four horizontal vanes, two cannons, two cannon caps, L/R engine covers, two green retainers, two missile boxes, two missile dividers, eight white missiles, two dk gray machine guns, two dk grey turrets, sled, sled shroud, sled roller, sled axle, L/R cycle half, cycle wheel, cycle steering wheel, depth charge half (10) and Cutter figure.)

1984 – Chameleon (Swamp Skier) (missing handle bars, two rear skis, pull bar and junk box) has extra cage harnass

1985 – Mauler M.B.T. [Motorized Battle Tank] – (missing right storage bin cover, four black mud flaps, battery cover, tow cable, two smoke grenades, antenna, meteorological antenna, flag and Heavy Metal figure (vehicle makes noises w/ batteries but doesn’t move) have one extra wheel

1984 – Water Moccasin (missing link bar, machine gun, top/bottom surface torpedo and Copperhead figure

1985 – Snow Cat (missing two clear headlight lens, black track connector is snapped off and hard to put back on, vent detail, steering wheel, engine cover, rear panel, clear canopy, windshield wiper, roof light lens, L/R black fenders, missile box, four yellow/orange small missiles, two yellow/orange torpedoes, two torpedo skis, and Frostbite figure

1985 – Cobra Rifle Range two blue figure stands, holder for guns/barricade and M-16 Rifle (2) (missing two other guns)

1985 – Weapon Transport Vehicle (missing gun)

1985 – Night Landing (missing top/bottom of motor, handle, propeller, one oar, bow gun, machine gun, knife, radio, and shovel)

1985 – Silver Mirage Motorcycle (missing whole motorcycle, ) just has the chasis of the side car w/ wheel rim)

1986 – Conquest X-30 (missing tires/hubs, two grey drop tanks, four yellow missles, hydraulic hatch, L/R tail fins and canard wings, clear canopy and Slip Stream figure)

1985 – Ferret (missing forward gun, gun mount, steering wheel, link bar, collar, steering knuckle, steering link, suspension arm, engine, storage cover, L/R fender flare, black hose and two red missiles) vehicle has one part of the axle snapped

1986 – LCV Recon Sled [Low Crawl Vehicle] (missing clear canopy and tan periscope)

1986 – Swampfire (missing gun (has white gun in it’s place)

1986 – Devilfish (missing two black hoses, one dk grey engine cover, two oranges torpedoes, four grey missiles,

1986 – Terrordrome (has three of the four red Console seats, two red fuel station doors, two black hoses, four nozzles, one small door gun top/bottom, four red barrels, L/R gun doors, two red door stuts, two grey seat platforms, two gun door seats, five lower bay dors, one grey computer station, one blue turret base, four large gun caps, one turret platform, two gun seats,

1986 – Thunder Machine (missing steering wheel, left rear panel, ) includes Thrasher figure

1986 – Stun (missing one cobra hubcap, two flag posts, one of which is snapped off at bottom, L/R red engine covers, red machine gun and includes Motor Viper

1986 – Cobra Night Raven (WITH BOX) (missing one large axel, three large tires, clear red canopy, bomb rack assembly, two silver bombs, two maroon missile pods, four silver missiles, right stabilizer wing, double cannon, gun windscreen, two man cockpit, one man cockpit, recon exhaust, L/R engine cover. Includes Strato Viper figure.

1987 – Motorized action pack: Helicopter (missing grey handles)

1987- Motorized action pack: Cobra Rope Crosser (missing white string w/black hooks and brown harnass for figure)

1987 – Motorized action pack: G.I. Joe Rope Walker (missing white string w/black hooks and brown harnass for figure

1987 - Motorized action pack: Cobra Rope Crosser (missing white string w/black hooks and brown harnass for figure) pack has broken stem to goes into back

1987 – Motorized action pack: G.I. Joe Anti-Aircraft gun (missing scope that goes on end of barrel)

1987 – Motorized action pack: Cobra Earth Borer

1988 – Sky Sweeper Anti-Aircraft tank (missing L/R blue gun mounts, radar arm, turret gun, rocket box, four black missles, blue canopy, light bar case, light bar, antenna, sentry post, L/R gun plate, L/R blue side guns, Radar dish)

1987 – Wolf includes four red missles (missing two wheels, double cannon, two ski shocks and two white ski torepedoes and Ice Viper figure)

1987 – Pogo Pod (missing vent pipe, antenna and two grey missiles)

1987 – Sea Ray (missing pod bottom, clear red canopy, control panel, rudder wing, four red wings, one of the missile holders on the wing has snapped off and missing figure Sea Slug

1987 - Dreadnok Air Skiff (missing two yellow missiles, two guns, ) have driver Zanzibar

1988 – Motorized action pack: Dreadnok Battle Axe (missing battle axe)

1989 – Darklon’s Evader (missing body top, one black wheel, canopy, missile holder, two guns, two missiles, seat belt and Darklon figure)

1991 – Ice Sabre (missing numerous pieces and in terrible shape)

1993 – Ice Snake (missing launcher unit, harpoon, string and (two) four fin blue missless)

As of May 10, 2009 have about 54 vehicles/playsets

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