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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Undead that was Chosen

An evil young man finds himself in a humongous black closed off room. He can hear the echo of his breathing yet no air is brushing him.

"HEY!? Where the Hell am I?," Bruce questions himself.

He stumbles around, feeling the edges of the walls, looking for a way out of this trap. He can't remember why he is here, or what he's doing here; all he knows is that he wants out. He claws at the walls like a coward in the darkness, ripping at them hoping they would have the texture of
wall paper so he could get out. Eventually the clawing does Bruce no good. He feels his fingernails grinding down to the bone against the stone surface, if he sees them, he's sure he's leaving smears of blood where his fingertips touch on the wall. He can feel the burn in the darkness.......

The Undead Who was Chosen
A terrible man must pay his dues for all of his crimes during life. Now as an Undead, he wanders the streets to save the day in order to get out of purgatory.

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