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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Humpty Dumpty's Iron Curtain

ACT 1:

The scene opens with a wildly extravagant ballroom decorated with hanging tapestries, uniquely designed mosaic floor and paintings of previous rulers. Portraits of the royal blood line known to all of Dumptydom's as Humpty Dumpty. It's now the thirteenth heir to inherit the throne and
King Humpty is about to deliver his ever-proclaimed word to his people of Dumptydom.

KING: "Ah, my royal subjects, today will be a glorious day for all of Dumptydom".

(The King's most trusted advisor and man, Sir Reginald, comes forth out of the crowd of Humpty's finest horses and men)....

Humpty Dumpty's Iron Curtain
Humpty Dumpty rules his kingdom but his dreams for a future will be under mined by his own subjects.

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