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Monday, June 22, 2009

The top ten horror films to watch just prior to Halloween part 4: Dead Alive (movie review)

Welcome back gore fans, to a new edition of my countdown. For those of you that have been sticking around for the latest news of my countdown I just want to letcha know I've been getting used to these things more and more as my creative juices have been flowing yet again. Been making art nonstop, anxious about Halloween and watching PLENTy of gore. Like watching zombie films and eating nachoes with Koopa.

I'd like you all to know that I've actually uncovered some transcripts that a fan made of Joe Bob Briggs' host segments from Monstervision. And I'm sure you can all see the similarities between my countdown and his overviews. Well, now that I've actually found his transcripts (which can be found at this link) brought me back to my days when i'd spend nothing but watch his hilarities on the weekend. So now I'm even MORE influenced by his countdown, listing and diagnosis of films. So for now on, I'm gonna give you the Bo take on the Joe Bob report. I also will be posting pics up on these movies (some of them will be taken from other web pages so I'm sorry that I'm not stealing.) So overall you're gonna see less big ol blocks of text and more broken up with bullits and and pictures.

The rules are of course on this countdown are that I'll only be listing one film per series and per director (I like to be as favorable to everyone as possiable) You'll find things like the plot of the movie, memorable lines, useless tidbits of info, breast count, body count and gore factor per film. If you didn't notice from my other postings of the films - here's a recap: 10)A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: The Dream Warriors 9)Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives 8) Return of the Living Dead. And so without further adieu, another week has come by closer to Halloween and you guys should be spending it engulfing as much gore into your minds that you can muster.

7)Dead Alive (aka Brain Dead) ..u creepo bastardssss!" chlast chlast

9)LIONEL: "Party's over."

10)VERA: "No one will ever love you like your mother."

11)ZOO KEEPER: "Reckon they're only found on one island y'know. Story goes: thse great big rats, come scuttling off the slave ships. And raped all the little tree monkeys. Y'know, the natives use 'em in black magic rituals.


-Monkey having it's leg ripped off and devoured

-Puppet Monkey death (crushed with Vera's heel inthe head)

-Farting guts puppet Gruesome giblets!

-Giant reborn, naked Vera puppet zombie

-Dog death (deskinned with guts left on teh bed)

-Head being pulled off and snapped back

-Cheek peeling

-Arm hole pussing and projectile

-Projectile cream corn vomit

-Custard devouring (with ear and pearl earring)

-Numerous amounts of flying blood, guts and slime. (Lawnmower scene!)

-Lips sucked and chewed off

-Head and arms in a blender

-Chewing through zombie intestine

-Corpse overflowing with embalmbing fluid

-Spoon full of eggs through the mouth to the back of the skull and out and then having the eggs eaten off the spoon.

-Rib cage ripped out

-Face ripped off

-Lower torso devoured to the bone yet still moving around

-Slipping and sliding on blood and resorting to use guts like stepping stones

-Fist flying through back of the head, to come out of the mouth and look like a blow up doll Braindead / Dead Alive: Grand Slam

-Light buld through back of the head

-Head cracked open like an egg


-Head exploding like Gallagher and a watermelon

-WWII Nazi refuggee Veterinarian selling tranquilizers

-Syringe full of tranquilizer in the nose (3 times)

-Lawnmower Fu

-Priest Fu

-Kitchen utensil Fu

-Yard Tools Fu

-Lawn Gnome Fu

-Dirty Ol' Uncle Les passing kidney stones and trying to molest anything

-Dirty Ol' Uncle Les kicked in the balls 5 times

-Dirty Ol' Uncle Les utilizing an old school washing machine to squeeze all of the guts out of a zombie.

-Peter Jackson's cameo as the bumbling undertaker's asst

-Zombie sex and instant zombie maternalhood

-Zombie babysitting

-Zombie child abuse

-Zombies shooting out of the ground

-Zombie teeth being slowly yanked out of their mouth

-Zombie exploding

-Zombie torn in half so that other parts of body may continue to devour flesh.

-Zombie rebirth (Freudian style)

Worthless tidbits of info:

-Fran Walsh and Stephen Sinclair, who helped write this film, also helped out writing the LOTR trilogy's screenplays.

-Stuart Devenie, who plays Father McGruder did work in other Jackson films like The Frighteners, Meet the Feebles and Jack Brown Genius. It's really only him and Elizabeth Moody (Vera) that also worked on Jackson on a few other projects besides Dead Alive. She can be found in the extended version of The Fellowship fo teh Ring and Heavenly Creatures

-Peter Jackson, plays the cameo of the Undertaker's asst. Braindead / Dead Alive: the crazy Peter Jackson himself...He is also one of the lead actors in his first film Bad Taste. He normally inserts himself as a cameo in many of his films including the LOTR trilogy and The Frighteners.

-At the church, the music on the organ can also be found in Meet the Feebles as the song "Sodomy".

-At the gore filled conclusion of teh film with the lawnmower - blood was pumped out at 5 gallons per second! With a total of 300 liters used in the final sequence as well.

-It is said by many horror fans (including myself) that this is truly the bloodiest of all time. THe closest film that I know of to come close would be Evil Dead, but even this movies final sequence puts the exploding blood pipe to shame in Evil Dead.

Final Rundown of the film:

Pairs of boobs seen: One (on a reborn zombie puppet of Vera)

Body count: 35, plus one dead dog, one dead monkey and one dead Rat Monkey Sumatra

Gore factor: 11 out of 10 buckets of blood.

"But wait, these buckets only go to 10. Why not just make 10 more powerful?"

"But this bucket goes to eleven"

The amount of gore, blood, guts and slime in this film is IMMEASUREABLE. A total gross out from one scene to the next.

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