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Saturday, June 27, 2009

A golden age of comedy: looking back at the work of the Three Stooges

Is it true, that the Three Stooges have been around for nearly three quarters of a century and their timeless antics still prove to be as comedical as they did when Columbia originally released their shorts in the theaters so long ago? How they've
delighted nearly up to a fourth generation of fans and they're still going strong. From eye gauges, slaps and the immortal creators of the pie fighting- the Stooges will live on forever.

Starting in the early 30's, after headlining at Vaudeville acts, the family of the Howards came together and finally got a great deal with Columbia to do a number of shorts that would be shown all throughout movie theaters all across the country. Do children and young adults, their antics proved to be hilarious.....

A Golden Age of Comedy: Looking Back at the Three Stooges
I have analyzed the work of the Stooges and their impact on the entertainment industry for the past seventy-five years.

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