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Monday, June 22, 2009

Zombie Nightmare (includes a review of George A. Romero's Land of the Dead)

But anyways, so here I am to talk about zombies, yes that is right, the walking dead them freaking selves. Alot of my madness took over me in the anticipation of George A Romero's land of the dead to come out. Not only did I get the gratification of seeing Star Wars 3 this year, now I have the wonderful oppurtunity to see a new installment of the zombie trilogy, well now I guess it's devloped into a saga. I was having nightmares about the walking dead taking over and how the world would be fucked. I remembered thsoe same feelings the last time I saw a zombie film when I saw Shaun of the Dead, would I have to be succumbed to horrifying visions of a post apoclalyptic world turned upside down, where we're hunted and sought after for our flesh?


I it made me think also about in this film was how for the first time, Romero did a point of view on the zombies themselves, and how they feel hunted and are just looking for a world all to their own. Then I guess it just becomes a film on how you view it, do you wanna take humanity's side - whose pretty much gone to shit now and are doing whatever they can to survive. Excuse me folks, if my conversation is getting just a lil unfocused. I'm currently watching my Kids in the Hall dvd at the same time and it's becoming just a bit hard to try and maintain the horrors of my dreams and the film I've seen from that of the hilarity cross dressing antics of those coo coo Canadians.

So where was I. oh ok, so the zombies pretty much take over the last bastion of hope for humanity and the rich are litteraly eaten (wasn't that a Skid Row song?) Well point blank, the film was awesome. It satisfied my needs in terror, gore, sorrow and excitement. There was even a cameo by the master of the macabre makeup Tom Savini himself. A long time friend/ally of Romero's especially when he had his kick ass role of the biker leader in Dawn of the Dead (the second film in the zombie series). Now Tom returns as that same character dotting his famed machete and hacking his way nad munchign through the ranks of the living.

You almost can't help but feel bad fro the zombies, and with this film we kinda get a peak into their heads (or what's left of them) and how their full of the pain of being dead or possiably envious of the living? Both aspects I've seen or heard about in other zombie films before, such as Return of the Living Dead and The Dead Hate the Living - but they all owe it all to the master who created the genre. Now the zombies are getting smarter, how they're able to get their things together and form a united clan of the undead to get what they want? But is it now vengence or do they just feed. And what will happen when there's no more living? Will this series end? I just hope that if/when Romero makes his next chapter, it could be a final one. Or at least to a point, that it'll show us a clear ending to this world. None of his films have truly showed a clear cut ending, but always an unending unraveling continious story. I'm sure statying in the fashiion of horror films, to leave enough room for a sequel but his films have kept up this story for damn near 30 years now.

So a new group ends up wandering up into Canda, where they want no more walls nor do they want to be imprisoned, nor surrounded by many other people. It just happens to be a homing beacon for the walkers. Do they smell us, do they sense life around them and have no choice but to extinguish it? And as do the zombies, who themselves go wandering off intot he world, and looking for their own place to call home. They seem to remember their past lives, and continue to try and live on what they used to be. Such as routine things of pumping gas, playing instruments or shopping at your local mall. Are we ourselves zombies, destined to do our routine things over and over again without intuitive thought?

Now I'm just ranting over and over again, so I like the film and look forward to the next one. What happened to me nights before was having a terriable nightmare. I can't recall most of it, but I do recall being in a big buillding, similar to a mall but I don't wanna rip off Dawn of the Dead. It was def some sort of community center. My family was there, as were some of my friends and coworkers that I used to bump into at school. We knew something was out there, and all of a sudden the world around us was going to shit. Was it a nuclear bomb, terrorists or we were invaded by some force. The lines were down, some quick blurbs of caution on the televison and radio before silenced to nothing. We couldn't contact the outside world at all and anyone that left where we were - never retunred.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I believe i was in a large airport. We were surrounded by large ramps going into and out of this place, and their were still people awaiting to leave the airport to visit friends, families and business meetings. Those people still left the airport without anyone else's heed to hop on their planes. But they never came back. Perhaps their was a zombie pilot and stewardess waiting for them and to spring a trap. I don't think we were dealing witht he typical slow moving Romero movign zombies. These bastards could run, and they were cunning. THey'd wait for you to come for them and spring a trap when you wouldn't expect it.

Yet, I could hear other ones roaming around and aching for the flesh of the living to splash and tear in their teeth. They wanted it so badly and there were few that could stop them. Resident guards and the such did what they could to defend us other people were just fools and were no match for the strenght of the army of the undead. Guns were blasting off in the distant, but none of the guards had the accuracy or the smarts to hit any of the bastards in the head. Damn rent a cops. Nor did more of them still able to hit the innocents. Family members would get in the way, "no that's my baby, don't shoot" the zombies would never mind and took the fools as an easy kill.

Everyone else ran and scattered where they could. I had a few people left with me that had a car in the parking lot. We noticed that there was none one outside, but most of them were inside and hot on our trail. We crawled under heaps of chairs stands and makeshit barriers that the rent a cops installed a while ago. But there was no one left to defend us now, it was just a small hand ful of survivors. The zombie infection was spreading fast, some people would be biting and turn in just a mere matter of moments. Like wild fire, a plague that you couldn't do anything about. Only comtemplating abou tit would drive you onlly more mad about all fo this.

I knew I had no time to cry as much as I wanted to. My family that came with me was slaughtered, the rest was more than likely already dead at home. The zombies moved quicker, they plowed right through our barracades. Once we saw someone bit, as much as we wanted to help we all knew that they were fucked then and there. We moved on further and further till I saw the rotating doors, it was only I and the owner of the car left until I saw on her arm that she'd been scratched before by one of the zombies.

How long ago was it, she tried to deny me that she didn't but there was no chances of risking that. Perhaps she rubbed up against something, or a zombie scrathched it so that she could deny it. I don/t know for sure but I knew I wouldn't take her with me. SO I stole her car keys and left her in the doorway. She screamed at me or perhaps it was because she was being slaughtered. Or the gut wrenching turnin gof the dead took her over. I wasn't looking back but I was getting to that car hell or high water.

I made my way to the car, I knew it was my sign out of this nightmare. Hell the sun was even rising and I knew the night was over. At least during the day you can see what's coming at you. But these bastards hide in the shadows awaiting their kill. I was anxious to hop into the car, especially when I saw that the zomibes had made the way through the doors and were coming after the car. Damn, I wish I knew how to drive a stick. Luckily my brother gave me a quick demo when I was drunk one night, but now was such a time to rip this fucking tranny to shit just to get out of there.

I putted along at a speed that at least the zombies couldn't catch up to me, and I made it up the ramp from the airport and out to the city. I turned around and laughed and fiddle with the gears. I'd found salvation and would just find a clear road and drive on till I couldn't no more. That was until I hit the crest of the ramp and saw the streeets were flooded with zombies. Swarms of them so that not even this little dodge interpid could plow through them all. I knew all was lost at this point and I was dead in my tracks.

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