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Saturday, June 27, 2009

And the Dead rose from the Jesey Shore

Mike Taylor and his girlfriend Tiffany Titface are taking a peaceful and romantic stroll down the Jersey shore's beach. For the most part this part of the beach is private and secluded from the other filthy drug needle infested parts
of Jersey. Seagulls fly over their heads as some float down to peck on one of the Jersey's mob's former family member. The really only other people on this beach happen to be nude, enjoying their naturalist rights. The waves smack on to the sand, the tiny little bubbles pass under Mike and Tiffany's toes, oh that tingling feeling. Mike looks up to the sky and sees the blistering December sun beating down upon his face, his lips and nose are starting to get chapped and he knows the only cure for that is some tender loving from his woman......

And the Dead Rose from the Jersey Shore
A couple is taking a romantic stroll along the Jersey shore and something comes down from the sky. It causes a traumatic mutation on the occupants that want to destroy our heroes. Will they make it out of Jersey alive?

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